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The SmoothStone Method

Creating Supportive Environments

SmoothStone experts know how to create calm and supportive environments while working on difficult and demanding issues. We care about who you are, what you value and why you are working to achieve a particular goal. We employ proven methods that prepare people for success. SmoothStone experts focus on communications, strategy and executive coaching, providing a broad array of services such as public relations, strategic planning and professional development.

Asking the Right Questions

What do you fear the most? Who are your champions? The answers to these and other questions form the basis of SmoothStone's Plan A process. Why Plan A? Because when you do it right the first time there's no need for a plan B, C and so forth. Plan A is a comprehensive process that uses questions to stimulate breakthroughs in decision making, problem solving and innovative product creation. It is used with individuals, teams and organizations. The Plan A experience enables involved parties to better understand the "why" behind an endeavor, getting at root issues. Too often people are presented with "how" to do something or "what" to do, which focuses on symptoms instead of causes. Plan A provides increased awareness and understanding, leading to better actions and results.

Satisfying Goals

In the workplace, success is often undermined by poor communication and unclear expectations. At SmoothStone, we start the journey of smoothing out rough edges by first clarifying what you expect of yourself. We identify your strengths and offer methods for building upon them as well as improving weaknesses so that you can meet your own expectations. Next, we help you align your personal goals with team, office and organizational goals.

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